Astral Pack Five
Astral Pack 5 cover
Okładka Astral
Premiery 25.07.2014
Prefiks AP05
Liczba kart TCG 26
Galeria kart TCG
Poprzedni zestaw Astral Pack Four

Astral Pack Five to specjalny booster udostępniany na turniejach TCG.

Lista kartEdytuj

# Nazwa Typ Rzadkość
AP05-EN001 Bujin Yamato Effect Monster Ultimate Rare
AP05-EN002 Gagaga Cowboy Xyz Monster Ultimate Rare
AP05-EN003 Pot of Duality Normal Spell Ultimate Rare
AP05-EN004 Card Trooper Effect Monster Super Rare
AP05-EN005 Jenis, Lightsworn Mender Effect Monster Super Rare
AP05-EN006 Geargiarsenal Effect Monster Super Rare
AP05-EN007 Mermail Abysspike Effect Monster Super Rare
AP05-EN008 Star Drawing Effect Monster Super Rare
AP05-EN009 Bujingi Turtle Effect Monster Super Rare
AP05-EN010 Advanced Ritual Art Ritual Spell Super Rare
AP05-EN011 Charge of the Light Brigade Normal Spell Super Rare
AP05-EN012 Overworked Normal Trap Super Rare
AP05-EN013 Full House Normal Trap Super Rare
AP05-EN014 Blackland Fire Dragon Normal Monster Common
AP05-EN015 Copy Plant Tuner Monster Common
AP05-EN016 Hanewata Tuner Monster Common
AP05-EN017 Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue Effect Monster Common
AP05-EN018 Skelgon Fusion Monster Short Print
AP05-EN019 Queen of Thorns Synchro Monster Common
AP05-EN020 Empress of Prophecy Xyz Monster Common
AP05-EN021 Soul Exchange Normal Spell Common
AP05-EN022 Book of Moon Quick-Play Spell Common
AP05-EN023 Lightsworn Sabre Equip Spell Common
AP05-EN024 Spiritual Forest Continuous Spell Common
AP05-EN025 Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere Normal Spell Common
AP05-EN026 Jurrac Impact Normal Trap Common

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