HERO Strike Structure Deck
Odpowiednik w OCG Structure Deck: HERO's Strike
Okładka Contrast HERO Chaos, Masked HERO Koga, Masked HERO Divine Wind, Masked HERO Dark Law
Premiery EU: 29.01.2015
NA: 30.01.2015
Prefiks SDHR
Liczba kart TCG 45
Galeria kart TCG
Poprzedni zestaw Geargia Rampage Structure Deck
Następny zestaw Synchron Extreme Structure Deck

HERO Strike Structure Deck to 29 talia Structure Deck w TCG. Jest odpowiednikiem Structure Deck: HERO's Strike w OCG.

Lista kartEdytuj

# Nazwa Typ Rzadkość
SDHS-EN001 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist Effect Monster Super Rare
SDHS-EN002 Elemental HERO Ocean Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN003 Elemental HERO Woodsman Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN004 Elemental HERO Voltic Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN005 Elemental HERO Heat Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN006 Elemental HERO Avian Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN007 Elemental HERO Neos Normal Monster Common
SDHS-EN008 Elemental HERO Neos Alius Gemini Monster Common
SDHS-EN009 Elemental HERO Bladedge Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN010 Elemental HERO Necroshade Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN011 Elemental HERO Wildheart Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN012 Elemental HERO Bubbleman Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN013 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN014 Honest Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN015 Card Trooper Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN016 Winged Kuriboh Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN017 Summoner Monk Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN018 Homunculus the Alchemic Being Effect Monster Common
SDHS-EN019 Mask Change II Quick-Play Spell Common
SDHS-EN020 Form Change Quick-Play Spell Common
SDHS-EN021 Mask Charge Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN022 Mask Change Quick-Play Spell Common
SDHS-EN023 Polymerization Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN024 Miracle Fusion Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN025 Parallel World Fusion Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN026 A Hero Lives Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN027 Hero Mask Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN028 H - Heated Heart Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN029 E - Emergency Call Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN030 R - Righteous Justice Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN031 O - Oversoul Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN032 Reinforcement of the Army Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN033 The Warrior Returning Alive Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN034 Pot of Duality Normal Spell Common
SDHS-EN035 Hero Signal Normal Trap Common
SDHS-EN036 Hero Blast Normal Trap Common
SDHS-EN037 Call of the Haunted Continuous Trap Common
SDHS-EN038 Bottomless Trap Hole Normal Trap Common
SDHS-EN039 Compulsory Evacuation Device Normal Trap Common
SDHS-EN040 Battleguard Howling Normal Trap Common
SDHS-EN041 Contrast HERO Chaos Fusion Monster Ultra Rare
SDHS-EN042 Masked HERO Koga Fusion Monster Super Rare
SDHS-EN043 Masked HERO Divine Wind Fusion Monster Super Rare
SDHS-EN044 Masked HERO Dark Law Fusion Monster Super Rare
SDHS-EN045 Elemental HERO Great Tornado Fusion Monster Common

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